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The SFF Review is a place for SFF fans to find in-depth reviews and discussions of science fiction & fantasy media  that go beyond basic commentary and dig into the things you really care about.

Every one of our reviews start with an extensive spoiler free review for those considering reading the book.

This is following by a deeper 5-point analysis:

  1. Premise, concepts and themes
  2. Characters and development arcs
  3. Prose, dialogue, and style
  4. World and atmosphere
  5. Plot and execution

And concludes with several discussion-driven questions and answers to prompt a comment-section discussion.

It would be impossible to read every novel or watch every show in this genre, so we want to help you identify media you’ll love before investing your limited time into it.

We are also just really, REALLY into SFF and love to discuss this genre with our fellow fans.

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The SFF Review Team

Micaila Blankenship

Hey! I’m Micaila 🙂

I’m a nerd whose read Harry Potter far too many times, can quote LOTR like a pro, and has an addiction to Brandon Sanderson novels. I read around 100 books every year and never plan on stopping.  

My favorite genre is Fantasy but I love all books and try to keep my reading diverse!

My top series of all time include: Mistborn, Stormlight Archives, The Poppy Wars, and The Daevabad trilogy. 

My Rating System:

  • 5 stars – Wow this book was incredible! I cannot stop thinking about it and wouldn’t change a thing!
  • 4 stars – Great book! Solid plot line and characters.
  • 3 stars – This book was good, but it had some issues..
  • 2 stars – Not a fan of this book and I would not recommend it.
  • 1 star – I really, really try not to give a book only one star… but on the rare chance I do it means I can’t find anything in this book that makes it worth reading.

To find what I’m currently reading and other book recommendations go here.


Jacob McMillen

Hi, I’m Jacob. I might be the only copywriter in the world who hates business books. I’ve always been an obsessive reader, and when I was little rascal, that meant ungodly numbers of biographies, historical fiction, and the classics abridged for kids. Middle school was my straight history phase, where I read every WWII book across 4 different school libraries over the course of 4 years.

For the last 10 years, my interests have narrowed pretty much exclusively to the science fiction and fantasy genres. Thanks to the wonder that is audiobooks and wireless earphones, I end up listening to around 2 books per week while working out, doing chores, and getting ready for bed.

My Rating System:

  • 5/5 – an unusually incredible reading experience
  • 4/5 – a thoroughly enjoyable book that checks all the boxes
  • 3/5 – an enjoyable book with some notable weaknesses
  • 2/5 – a subpar book with enough positives for me to finish reading
  • 1/5 – an usually terrible book that I couldn’t finish reading

On a different note, I’ve spend the last 8 years daylighting as a freelance copywriter while hoping to one day be a fulltime SFF author. As wild as it may sound, I’ve been able to average around $15k per month in writing income, even through two recessions. If you want to learn how to be a freelance copywriter as well, I’ve put together a really helpful guide here.